• New realities for the North Sea
    North Sea oil and gas production is undergoing a period of renewal as it adapts to the new realities of a changing world – with BP at the forefront of the transformation in one of its ‘crown jewel’ heartlands

    Innovation will be key, BP chief executive Bob Dudley told industry leaders at the biennial Offshore Europe conference in Aberdeen.

    “In recent years we’ve seen how the onshore industry in the US has reinvented itself. The offshore industry in Europe has to do the same – harnessing the spirit of innovation at built the frontier back in its early years. And there is no better, no more experienced, no more innovative workforce anywhere in the world. That’s why BP and its peers continue to invest in this great region. And why I believe the future is bright for the North Sea.” Bob Dudley, group chief executive.

    One great oil town expressed it's support for another, with leaders sending best wishes to the city of Houston as it recovers from Hurricane Harvey. Dudley said: “Our colleagues in Houston are going through an extremely difficult time right now, and our thoughts are with them and all those affected by the storm.”

    BP’s commitment to the North Sea includes a $10 billion, five-year, investment programme, which has seen the start up this year of the Quad 204 development, to be followed next year by Clair Ridge. These two will help double North Sea production to over 200,000 barrels a day by 2020.

    12.09.2017. 20:35:01