• SMD Curvetech™ Thrusters To Power French Subsea Trencher

    Curvetech™ engineers at Soil Machine Dynamics (SMD) have completed the build and test of a range of hydraulic thrusters for French subsea cable installation engineering firm Louis Dreyfus TravOcean.

    SMD’s Curvetech™ HTE_500BA and HTE_430-63 thrusters are destined for use on a large subsea trenching vehicle designed and built by the Marseille-based company.

    Paul Davison, Managing Director SMD Subsea said: “It’s always great to expand our client base for the Curvetech™ product range.

    “Curvetech™ products are well known in the industry for their high-quality and it’s great to be able to support third party Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

    “Last year we put a strong emphasis on client support for the Curvetech™ range. This included updating our website with the latest product ranges and the addition of downloadable CAD models and manuals so OEM designers can easily integrate Curvetech™ products into their subsea equipment.”

    In a cost-conscious market, SMD has seen an increase in demand from self-builders and third party OEMs using their Curvetech™ components in the design and build of their own subsea engineering vehicles and equipment.

    Covering a wide range of applications, SMD’s Curvetech™ product range includes:
    · Subsea vehicle propulsion systems,
    · Subsea motors & hydraulic power units,
    · Hydraulic valve control,
    · Compensators,
    · Control systems and surface high voltage power units,
    · Subsea sensors and electrical control cards,
    · Subsea tooling,
    · Work Class ROV skid units.

    09.04.2018. 10:56:37