• ECA Group receives a letter of intent for a contract worth more than €12m for the supply of equipment for the French Barracuda submarines

    At the occasion of EURONAVAL, Naval Group and ECA Group signed the letter of intent for a contract worth more than € 12 million for the supply of equipment (electric propulsion and variable speed drives), as well as associated spare parts, for submarines 5 and 6 of the Barracuda program, led by French Defence Procurement Agency (DGA). The contract will run for 53-month period and will end in 2023.

    Resulting from contracts successfully completed for the first four submarines of the program (Suffren, Duguay-Trouin, Tourville and De Grasse), this contract reinforces the position of ECA Group as supplier of electrical solutions for submarines and secures the supply of important equipment for the Barracuda program.

    ECA Group's recent commercial successes in this sector, both in France and abroad position ECA Group for next tenders of the future 3rd generation nuclear ballistic missile submarines and the Australian submarines programs.

    24.10.2018. 19:36:08