The underwater manipulator arm designed by OiS

Ocean Innovation System launches its electrical manipulator arm. The French company, specialized in robotics for underwater exploration and submarine intervention.

The Ocean Innovation System 5 Function electric manipulator arm (BE5-500) is a high-performance and cost-efficient skid-mounted electric manipulator arm. Intuitive programmable position controls, embedded controllers, an innovative modular system (Plug&Play) and 3 available additional connectors for optional cameras, projectors or lasers make operation of this manipulator easy, regardless of the operator’s skill level. Innovative, reliable, robust and cost effective, the BE5-500 was specifically designed for a multitude of operations and can be retrofitted to most ROV systems, nuclear or industrial applications on the market.

Ocean Innovation System designs and manufactures smart and modular plug & play underwater robotic solutions for different worldwide industries (from various fields: security, scientific and archaeological research, oil and gas, ports ...). Long distance remotely operated vehicle, equipped with optical fiber network , underwater actuator, led projector and a the most accurate depth sensor of the world. The company develops its range through technological building blocks that allow, once assembled, to provide a system that responds efficiently to customer expectations. This modularity enables a first level serviceability and simplification of the overall system architecture. Thus, reliability and quality are central to its concerns.

Location: France

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