Blue Robotics Expands on the WetLink Product Line

Torrance based Blue Robotics announced the expansion of the WetLink family of products. The WetLink Penetrator (WLP) is Blue Robotics’ next-generation solution for low-cost, high pressure, high reliability sealing of electrical cables as they pass into enclosures or other devices. It’s rated to a depth of 950 meters (3,116 feet) and compared to subsea connectors or penetrators, the WLP is a fraction of the cost while offering validated reliability. The WetLink Penetrator line now has cable gland sizes compatible with cables between 3.7mm to 9.8mm diameter.

The patent-pending design of the WLP is based on a compression gland seal design, optimized for sealing rubber jacketed cables at the high pressures seen in the ocean. Blue Robotics development effort was focused on testing and reliability, with a thorough validation through extreme operating conditions. Blue Robotics CEO, Rustom Jehangir, says, “the WetLink Penetrator is a game-changing product: with this expanded product line, you can reliably seal just about any small cable to 950 meter depth for just $12. We’re really excited about everything that enables in this industry.”

The WLP now comes standard on the company’s BlueROV2, T200 Thruster, Lumen lights, Newton Gripper, Ping Echosounder, and in user-assembled kit form. Blue Robotics has tested several offthe-shelf cables and will have a compatibility reference available on the product page.

Blue Robotics is based in Torrance, California and launched in 2014 with a highly successful Kickstarter campaign. Since then, the company has shipped tens of thousands of thruster motors and has released many other products for marine robotics, including the BlueROV2 remotely operated underwater vehicle. Blue Robotics’ has 55 distributors around the world and products operating in every part of the world!

Location: Torrance, CA, USA

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