Demand for Kraken’s Synthetic Aperture Sonar Grows as Kraken Receives Additional $1.5 Million of Orders from US Defense Customer

Demand for Kraken’s SAS products has increased significantly and for 2023 we expect to deliver approximately 3x the volume as compared to previous years

We believe this demand increase is a combination of several factors including:

An uptick in demand driven by customer desire for stronger intelligence about subsea infrastructure in both shallow and deep-water installations. Increasing adoption of SAS over traditional side scan sonar. The modularity and versatility of our SAS having a track record of successful integrations on over 20 different underwater platforms

The increased range, resolution, and therefore higher useable Area Coverage Rate of SAS over traditional Side Scan Sonar systems significantly expand the capabilities of naval, scientific, and commercial applications. This modularity of Kraken’s SAS to cross several platforms enables military customers to streamline their Post Mission Analysis by having the same sonar resolution and ATR performance across their entire fleet of vehicles and mission requirements.


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