Falcon Offshore West Africa


A leading service provider in the West African offshore energy sector, Nigeria-based Geocadinal Integrated Services, has ordered a Saab Seaeye Falcon, fully fitted for survey work.

“The Falcon was the top choice for Geocadinal,” says Lucas Inyama, Technical Director of Geocadinal.

“We ordered a survey customised Falcon ROV to support our subsea inspection / installation projects in West African waters. The Falcon is the world's most successful underwater electric robotic system of its class and we are happy doing business with Saab Seaeye as the leader in the industry.

“We have no doubt that the equipment will perform more than expected and also give us an edge over our competitors in the industry,” he added.

The customised survey suite on Geocadinal’s Falcon includes a Digital Edge HDD dual channel recording and eventing system, a dual laser system for video survey and measurement, and a Tritech sonar.

The vehicle also comes with five function hydraulic and single function manipulators, a rotary wire cleaning brush kit, cathodic potential probe kit and Cygnus ultrasonic thickness gauge. Also included, is a Falcon running lock system.

The Falcon’s winning concept comes from creating a highly reliable vehicle, packed with five powerful thrusters and iCON™ intelligent power and distributed control architecture, all fitted into an easily handled metre-sized vehicle that can adopt different tools and sensors for undertaking numerous intricate and demanding tasks.

For operators a key advantage of the Falcon is its agility and steadiness in strong cross currents and harsh conditions whilst heavily loaded with equipment.

Location: Nigeria

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