Five U-Boat Worx Submersibles Delivered Over Winter

U-Boat Worx delivered a record number of submersibles to new owners over the winter. All submersibles will soon venture in the hands of their new operators into unknown depths for various leisure and commercial applications.

Two Cruise Sub 7 - 300 models were among the submersibles delivered. These 300-meter rated 7-seater subs will be taken aboard cruise ships, where they will set course to exotic dive destinations with their distinguished guests.

Another popular model that was part of this winter’s deliveries were two Super Yacht Sub 3s - the first subs specifically designed and built for superyachts. The optimised weight and dimensions allow this model of submersible to fit easily in superyacht tender garages.

The culmination of hard work, dedication and technical know-how has resulted in the delivery of the first of many C-Researchers, the most advanced and deepest-diving manned submersible with a full acrylic viewing sphere in the world.

Location: The Netherlands

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