From IMAX screens to ROV control rooms, SULIS Subsea Corp. is a small company making big waves with its new 4K imaging technology

Next week at OCEANS ’15, SULIS Subsea Corporation will unveil its newest deep-ocean imaging technology, centred around the Z70: a pioneering subsea camera product with unparalleled 4K optical capability.

SULIS’s founder, Adam Gobi, designed the entire imaging pathway for James Cameron’s DEEPSEA CHALLENGER, including the world’s first full-ocean depth 3D HD and 5K camera systems, and the submersible’s full suite of imaging and recording subsystems. With an eye to offer the same level of imaging capability to underwater vehicles worldwide, he then headed home to Newfoundland to start SULIS, and was immediately awarded several contracts to design new technology for the Schmidt Ocean Institute (SOI, founded by Google Chairman Eric Schmidt), whose mission is to advance the frontiers of ocean research and exploration.

“I wanted to create a company that walked the line between commercial entity and research organization. While we will continue to seek commercial success, our principal mission is to conduct world-class R&D.”

Born out of this work, SULIS now offers the total 4K package, covering the entire signal path. OCEANS 2015 will serve as a showcase for these innovations, including the Z70, a deepsea camera featuring 4K zoom optics and an ultra-wide angle field of view; the Brain box, a multi-faceted 4K video processing and recording solution; and Hyllum, a high-output hybrid video/flash lighting system.

OCEANS ’15 will serve as a showcase for these innovations. Along with SULIS’s exhibit at Booth #537, Adam will also deliver a presentation at the Exhibition’s Product Theater on Tuesday afternoon, October 20, at 1:30PM.

More about SULIS Subsea Corporation:
SULIS provides a comprehensive range of design, integration, and testing services for deployment and maintenance of subsea technology, focusing on complete solutions to any imaging problem. It was founded in 2012 to help uphold the ideals of the DEEPSEA CHALLENGE program, where SULIS’s CEO, Adam Gobi, served as lead camera engineer for the record-breaking manned submersible that successfully dove 11km into the Marianas Trench. The company has since been contracted by the Schmidt Ocean Institute (SOI) to develop new technology for their hybrid ROV program, and now offers high-end imaging solutions to underwater vehicles worldwide. To learn more, visit

Location: St John's, NL, Canada

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