Impact Subsea Unveils Powerful New Features in seaView 3.1

Impact Subsea, a leading provider of subsea sensor solutions, today announced the release of seaView 3.1, a significant update to their popular operation, configuration and logging software suite. seaView 3.1 empowers users with a range of new features designed to enhance efficiency and streamline subsea operations.

Seamless Video Integration
A major highlight of seaView 3.1 is the introduction of video support. Users can now directly view and record video streams from any connected video camera within the software.

This allows for a unified view of critical data, including video, sonar, altitude, depth, temperature, heading, pitch, and roll, all presented in a single, user-friendly interface.

Synchronized Global Logging and Replay
seaView 3.1 introduces a powerful global logging and replay functionality. This feature enables users to record data from multiple sensors simultaneously into a single file.

The recorded data can then be conveniently replayed within seaView, ensuring all sensor readings remain synchronised for in-depth analysis.

Streamlined Feature Activation with License Keys
seaView 3.1 replaces license files with a more convenient license key system. Users can activate specific features, such as FMD, AHRS, or ECHOGRAM, within a sensor's firmware by entering a simple one-time activation key.

Performance and Communication Enhancements
Beyond the headline features, seaView 3.1 boasts several behind-the-scenes improvements. The Flooded Member Detection application benefits from performance enhancements, while overall sensor communication has been optimised for increased reliability.

Commitment to Continuous Development

“At Impact Subsea, we are firmly committed to continuous development of our sensor solutions and seaView software,” said Alastair Mclennan-Murray, Technical Director at Impact Subsea, commenting on the release.

“seaView 3.1 unlocks exciting new capabilities for our users, and as always, this update is available free of charge to our entire user base.”

Download seaView 3.1 Today
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