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World’s Most Compact 6,000m Rated Sonar Launched

Impact Subsea has announced the launch of the world's most compact 6,000 meters / 19,685 feet depth rated imaging sonar. The new addition to the ISS360 range of sonars provides a full 360° field of vision, 80 meters range capability and high resolution imagery using powerful CHIRP based signalling. Heading and Attitude readings can also be provided by the sonar.

OceanTools Launch Two New Cutting-edge Underwater Cameras

OceanTools, based in Aberdeen, UK, global leaders in subsea engineering, have announced the launch of two high specification cameras, the C3 Wide Angle range, and the C5 Low Light ROV Navigation Camera.

Hydromea unveils the world’s first wireless compact underwater drone providing live HD video feedback

Hydromea unveiled the prototype of world’s first wireless underwater drone in a pool demo today. The drone can fit into a backpack, can be remotely controlled, and sends HD video back in real time without any physical connection to the pilot. The drone will deliver significant benefits in a number of inspection scenarios in confined flooded spaces, such as hydropower dams, closed waterways and ballast tanks on ships, reducing the cost and time-to-results, eliminating safety risks of dangerous inspections performed by humans today.

Mariscope Launches its New ROV Flunder

Along with the launching of the brand´s new thrusters, the new Flunder model is launched worldwide, a powerful and fast Observation Class/Light Work Class category ROV.

Huntington Ingalls Industries Announces Commercial Release of REMUS 300 UUV

Huntington Ingalls Industries (NYSE:HII) announced today the commercial release of its REMUS 300 unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV). This new, open architecture, small-class UUV can dive to depths of 305 meters (1,000 feet) and has endurance options up to 30 hours.

Fully-Integrated Imaging Payload for Small AUVs Released by Arctic Rays

Arctic Rays, LLC has released Swordfish, a fully-integrated, geo-referenced, still and video imaging system payload for small AUVs.

BIRNS Introduces New 1V and 1B Coax Connectivity Solutions

75Ω Performance in a 50Ω Footprint/SHF Band Ku Capabilities BIRNS, Inc. a world leader in the design and manufacturing of high performance connectors, cable assemblies and lighting systems, has introduced new RF subsea connector contacts that offer groundbreaking performance attributes. Coax subsea connectors had in the past been challenged in a range of design requirements, in many cases resulting in poor impedance, high losses, and inability to provide open face pressure resistance. However, BIRNS launched proprietary RF technology with contacts capable of open face pressure ratings to 1433m, UHF insertion loss of ≤0.7 dB at signal frequencies to 3GHz and maximum UHF voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) of 1.7:1.

Kongsberg Maritime launches new HiPAP 602 Ultra Deepwater SSBL Positioning Tool

Kongsberg Maritime (KM) has announced the launch of its HiPAP 602 Ultra Deepwater SSBL (Super Short Base Line) Positioning Tool. The newest addition to KONGSBERG’s established portfolio of acoustic positioning systems, the HiPAP 602 has been designed specifically to provide extreme range (up to 7,000m+) and accuracy for positioning ROVs and AUVs, and to operate as a DP reference.

Introducing Boxfish Luna

Boxfish Research, New Zealand manufacturer of underwater remotely operated vehicles, today announces the official launch of its next-generation cinematography drone, the Boxfish Luna, for professional underwater videographers and photographers alike.

Kongsberg Maritime launches new cNODE MiniS transponder with pressure sensor

Kongsberg Maritime is pleased to announce that it has augmented its range of cNODE MiniS SSBL (Super Short Base Line) and LBL (Long Base Line) transponders with new models incorporating an internal, high-accuracy strain gauge pressure sensor.

OTAQ Offshore Launch Eagle IP Vision, A Portable Recording System for Underwater Cameras

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Eagle IP Vision. A brand-new product set to fill a gap in OTAQ’s offering, Eagle IP Vision is an addition to the current Eagle IP range which will enable users to record video for underwater HD cameras.

EvoLogics launches a fully integrated USBL buoy

EvoLogics (Berlin, DE) are happy to announce the new USBL buoy, a fully integrated solution based on the company’s S2C USBL devices.

SubC Imaging Releases New Live Video Streaming Service for Offshore

SubC Imaging, a global leader in subsea cameras and solutions, announced the release of their new Offshore Real-Time Video Streaming Solution.

Tritech Announces New DMD

Tritech International Limited, a Moog Inc. company, has announced the release of the Diver Mounted Display system (DMD): the next generation of diver assisting sensors.

Riptide™ UUV-12 launches BAE Systems into medium unmanned undersea vehicle market

The 12” diameter vehicle is the company’s entry into the medium UUV market – joining three small UUV variants – and marks the first new vehicle since last year’s acquisition of Riptide Autonomous Solutions.

Copenhagen Subsea Rolls Out the Gorilla ROV

Denmark-based Copenhagen Subsea has launched its new remotely operated vehicle (ROV) – Gorilla – as robust and reliable solution in challenging subsea environments.

NR316 HD Products Make Videos Come to Life

2020 is upon us and so begins a new decade! This February commemorates the fifth anniversary of our founder’s untimely passing. We are filled with pride that Jack Fisher’s legacy has continued and that JW Fishers has not only survived, but has grown in both sales and product breadth. JWF continues to update and improve our line of underwater search equipment, providing top notch support to all segments of the underwater exploration industry.

It’s Electric! MacArtney to Launch All-New, All-Electric eLARS

Looking to the future of our environment, MacArtney is ready to launch an all-new, all-electric cost-efficient launch and recovery system for the ocean space market.
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