• Sidus Solutions releases a new Subsea Camera with 4K UHD Image Quality.

    Sidus Solutions, a leader in subsea video cameras and technology, has once again engineered a ground-breaking subsea camera. The SS490 is a 4K UHD camera that provides superior video image quality at four times the resolution of 1080 full HD images. This subsea camera maintains full 4K resolution while providing excellent focus with a 20x zoom and a combined optical and digital zoom of 144x. The SS490 delivers better picture quality than non-4K models due to its use of HDR (high dynamic range). This is especially helpful with varying lighting conditions such as working with multiple ROVs or reflectivity from stainless steel objects.

    “We developed the SS490 because we wanted to create a camera that produced the clearest and highest quality image in the most challenging environments,” Leonard Pool, CEO of Sidus Solutions, said of the new product. Pool’s cutting-edge camera not only provides top-notch image quality but also features fully integrated automatic image processing that corrects distortion, shading, and chromatic aberration. In addition, the SS490 camera has adaptive noise reduction and visibility enhancement.

    Image quality was of the utmost importance to the Sidus Solutions team as they were designing the new camera, but equally as important was the camera’s range and durability. The SS490 is rated for operating depths of 6000 m or 3000 m and is constructed with titanium, stainless steel, or aluminum housings paired with sapphire or acrylic windows.

    Contact Sidus Solutions to learn more about the camera’s highly flexible interface:

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