• UDT 2019 conference agenda announced - 13-15 May 2019

    UDT, the underwater defence and security community's leading exhibition and conference, is pleased to announce that the 2019 conference agenda has been finalised.

    The three day conference will cover key issues faced by global military forces as they tackle new challenges in the global underwater defence and security environment. The conference will feature four streams, organised around six core themes, with an additional Military Diver Capabilities conference also running as a special topic.

    * Platform design: From energy storage and conversion to miniaturisation, improving survivability and integrating on-board and deployed capabilities, this theme will address all aspects of platform design to maximise capability in the constrained underwater environment.

    * Sensors and processing: From development to processing and the exploitation of big data, this theme will cover all sensor-related aspects of the undersea defence technology field.

    * Weapon and payload systems: This theme will address all requirements and best-practise for the design, deployment, integration and exploitation of weapon and payload systems for underwater operations, including manned/unmanned teaming.

    * Unmanned, remotely piloted and autonomous systems: An increasingly relevant theme for the underwater community, autonomy and its applications are a critical technology for domain dominance.

    * Operational drivers and imperatives: From policy constraints and freedoms for AI-based systems, to underwater warfare in the information age, this theme will address key issues facing the underwater defence community.

    * Exploitation of commercial and new technologies: How to tap into commercial and novel technologies emerging from mass consumer technology? This theme will dive in to the latest developments and processes.

    The conference will be opened on the morning of 13th May, 2019 by UDT 2019 conference committee chair, Bert Johansson.

    “Challenges facing the military and commercial underwater domains are driving underwater technology development at a speed and direction we have seldom seen before, with autonomy, endurance and reliability topping the requirements list of operators in this field.

    “UDT 2019, set as it is against the backdrop of the challenging Baltic underwater environment, presents an ideal opportunity for the industrial, scientific and academic underwater technology community to come together to present new ideas, share new developments and gather feedback on the best path to address these requirements as we look toward the coming decade and the operational demands it will present.”

    The full conference agenda can be viewed and downloaded at

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