• AutoNaut successfully monitoring the marine environment for The Ocean Cleanup

    The AutoNaut collecting data around System 001 in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

    AutoNaut Unmanned Surface Vessels (USVs) have been collecting vital environmental monitoring data in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to help The Ocean Cleanup with its first mission.

    With nearly 6 weeks of unmanned monitoring, these wave-propelled unmanned surface vessels (USVs) have been silently and precisely moving within and outside System 001 to collect wave and current data, and other atmosphere and water parameters. To visually inspect the environment surrounding the system, the AutoNauts have also been equipped with live streaming via under and above water cameras. Monitoring took place during the towing of the system, offshore installations and deployment operations.

    AutoNaut’s work was complemented by Seiche buoys providing acoustic data for marine life presence as well as protected species observers and technicians to support the project.

    Mark Burnett, COO of AutoNaut and the Seiche Water Technology Group, comments: “Our AutoNauts, real-time buoy systems and specialist bioscientists have provided important visual, acoustic and ocean data to System 001’s first mission. We look forward to continuing on this journey with our friends and colleagues at The Ocean Cleanup.”

    AutoNaut will be resuming its environmental monitoring programme with The Ocean Cleanup when the next mission launches soon.

    12.06.2019. 16:35:56