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First Comprehensive Study of NW Australia`s Deep Corals Completed

Scientists circumnavigate and map the seafloor of the entire mesophotic (deep water) zone in Ashmore Reef Marine Park. Scientists discovered a sea snake thought to be locally extinct and saw several species such as the great spotted cowrie (Perissersoa guttata) for the first time in the Ashmore Reef Marine Park, off Australia, during Schmidt Ocean Institute's 18-day expedition that concluded this week.

Ashtead Technology helps solve riddle of lost World War II ship

An Aberdeen-headquartered firm has donated specialist subsea equipment to help solve one of the most tragic mysteries of the Second World War. Ashtead Technology has been supporting attempts to discover exactly what caused the loss of 645 crewmen when the HMAS Sydney sunk on November 19, 1941. In addition, the leading independent provider of subsea equipment rental, sales and services to the offshore industry, has provided 3-D survey equipment to study the wreck and inform conservation of what is a mass grave site.
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