Positive Results from 2014 External Inspection Survey of Nord Stream Pipeline

Nord Stream has completed an external inspection of the two pipelines. The job was executed using a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), equipped with digital cameras, specific sensors and operated from a dedicated support vessel. The visual and instrumental (geophysical) inspection was performed on the whole length of the pipelines through the Baltic Sea.

Courtesy of Nord Stream.

The objective of the inspection survey was to collect high-quality data to assess the integrity of the two pipelines through the analysis of several factors: accurate position of the pipelines (vertical and horizontal), depth of burial into the seabed, possible free-spans, condition of the cathodic protection system, verification of existing cables and pipelines crossings, status of intervention works (settlement berms).

The results confirm that the pipelines are still in a period of settlement, as expected, and that all changes are in agreement with the design parameters.

The ROV also recorded the position of cultural heritage sites in the vicinity of the pipelines, and confirmed that the sites were not affected by the presence of the Nord Stream structures.

Location: Baltic Sea

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