"ROV Planet" Rebrands its Portfolio of Services to "Ocean Robotics Planet" to Reflect its Wide Coverage of Ocean Robotics

We are pleased to announce that from 1/1/2022, the full suite of publishing services available from Tech Markets Media Ltd including the flagship magazine of "ROV Planet", have all now been rebranded to "Ocean Robotics Planet" to better reflect the wide range of global marine robotics coverage that has been covered for some 3-4 years now.

Not only the quarterly magazine but also the weekly newsletter has become "Ocean Robotics Planet Newsletter", the annual Buyers Guide has changed to the "Ocean Robotics Planet Buyers Guide" and so on.

This not only ties in well with today's global transition but also reflects the increase in editorial coverage & information of offshore wind farms, defence and deepsea mining related news and information. We also see this as a positive step to pour projected future growth and we look forward to making some other exciting announcements in 2022.

The first issue of the "Offshore Robotics Planet Newsletter" will be 12th January 2022 and the first issue of "Ocean Robotics Planet" magazine will come out early February 2022.

For any further information, please contact Richie Enzmann/Managing Director & Editor in Chief at info@oceanroboticsplanet.com

For more information please contact: info@oceanroboticsplanet.com

Location: Worldwide

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