Sales to Jan De Nul Group

NORBIT has secured orders from Jan De Nul Group, through their Benelux dealer Seabed BV, for several tightlyintegrated all-in-one turnkey multibeam sonar systems. These compact survey systems allow for fastest set-to-workon any sized survey platform while allowing for highest quality broadband FM data from a forgiving curved receiver array. The systems each include a full Inertial Navigation Systems and surface sound speed probe and only one cable from wet-end to the small splash-proof topside.

Norbit will conduct DEMO's aboard the “AHOY Freedom" during OI-2016 in London Mar 15 – 17 where the iWBMS will be showcased along with several optional 'plug-ins' such as sound-ahead obstacle avoidance, 360degree LiDAR and a top-tier 0.01O GNSS-INS system.

Norbit will utilize the all new V10.0 sonar firmware/software package which now supports real-time roll compensation over wide swath, industry highest resolution sidescan-snippets (takes full benefit of the cylindrical array, 80kHz bandwidth), flexible water column display and output and enhancements to the intuitive user interface.

We welcome you to sign up for a rewarding demo experience.

Signup at booth B550 or on

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Location: London,UK


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