Targetless sensor scoops top accolade for innovation

A leading manufacturer of sensors to measure maritime distances at sea has received a prestigious national award for their innovative targetless sensor.

Launched last year, RangeGuard is the first sensor from Guidance Marine not to use physical targets. The innovative system was deemed worthy of the prestigious Dynamic Positioning 2017 Award, which can only be given to the developer of an innovative DP product or system, or contractor responsible for an especially innovative application of DP on a project.

More than 4,000 votes were cast across all categories at the Offshore Support Journal Annual Awards, attended by more than 500 delegates, in London where Leicester-based Guidance Marine, picked up their award earlier this month.

Jan Grothusen, CEO of Guidance Marine whose headquarters are at the Meridian Business Park, said: “It is the first time ever we have brought targetless position sensing to the local position reference market. We are really proud that our innovation has been recognised.”

Andrew Stead, head of sales at Guidance Marine, said: "The RangeGuard Monopole system introduces a new method of position measurement – fully independent of DGPS or laser systems.

“The elimination of targets delivers significant cost and operational benefits with every gangway deployment. In a multi-asset environment such as a wind farm the case for RangeGuard Monopole becomes overwhelming.”

RangeGuard uses radar reflections from its surroundings to calculate precisely the vessel’s range to the nearest object in its field of view. Combining the information from two sensors allows range and bearing to be calculated and input into the dynamic positioning (DP) system of a vessel to give the first targetless DP local position reference sensor (PRS).

The system has been installed on-board the Windea La Cour, which collected the Offshore Renewables Award.

Recognised as one of the most advanced vessels ever built specifically for the offshore wind market, the Windea La Cour is working on the Gemini offshore wind farm in the North Sea.

The paper DP Positioning - Relative Position Referencing Goes Targetless - discusses the latest results from the first fully integrated RangeGuard Monopole system on-board the vessel.

Speaking at the awards Jan Grothusen, said: "We love innovation and high-tech, but as always technology on its own can't win. You need fantastic partners, so I would like to thank our integrator partners on this particular project, Marine Technologies and our end customer Bernhard Schulte who have already won with the Windea La Cour where RangeGuard system is pioneering targetless positioning in the DP world.”

The Lifetime Achievement award was presented to Johannes Østensjø for his longstanding commitment to offshore vessel ownership and services.

Guidance Marine’s RangeGuard and RadaScan systems are currently being trialled on-board his Ostensio Rederi vessel, Edda Ferd.

Jan Grothusen added: “The award recognises Guidance Marine's approach to technology and innovation, it is a badge of honour that the company will wear with pride, having been made all the sweeter that it is industry recognised from the company's peers within the maritime world.”

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Location: London, UK

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