TotalEnergies Successfully Tests FORSSEA’s Innovative LBL “Quick Latching Cage” Mounted on LBL in the Deepwater Environment.

These past 3 years, TotalEnergies have been collaborating with FORSSEA to qualify the ATOLL ROV, dedicated to fast LBL deployment and recovery. ATOLL uses a robotized latching system guided by visual aided docking algorithms. Each LBL temporary frame or acoustic transponder must be equipped a bullet to allow quick interfacing with the ATOLL ROV.

Back in 2019, FORSSEA have collaborated with KONGSBERG and SONARDYNE to optimize the cage designs and perform preliminary tank tests with both cNODE Maxi and Compatt 6+ LBL transponders. Results had shown very little acoustic perturbations and opened the door to real offshore deployment.

Earlier in 2021, TOTAL have deployed cNODE 30V30H and Compatt 6+ modified transponders at 1,200MWD to measure noise perturbation in deepwater conditions. Several box-ins and baseline measurements have been conducted and showed no evidence of performance decrease. Additional tests are expected in the coming months to fully qualify the solution in the context of a drill ship dynamic positioning.

FORSSEA’s latching system might soon replace standard LBL cages so that it can be deployed from a smaller vessel of opportunity or USV (Unmanned Surface Vessel).

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Location: France

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