U-Boat Worx Appoints Moravia Yachting as International Partner for the Sale of the Nautilus Submarine

U-Boat Worx is delighted to announce the appointment as the exclusive international partner for the sale of the U-Boat Worx Nautilus submarine to Moravia Yachting. The U-Boat Worx Nautilus is the world’s first superyacht submarine. This incredible hybrid-electrical sub offers deep-sea exploration to a depth of 150m.

Designed to deliver the superyacht lifestyle above the waves as well as below, in surface cruising mode the Nautilus features a sun deck with a freshwater pool, bar counter, and al fresco dining area, as well as an impressive beach club. In an innovative feat of engineering, the sun deck is retracted before the Nautilus dives. There’s accommodation for up to 10 guests in five ensuite cabins, each benefitting from its own large picture window and separate quarters for a crew of seven.

The Nautilus is presented to the market with an interior by Officina Amare. Understandably, the ocean has been the source of inspiration for the interior styling and the arrangement centers around the 10 circular viewports, which have a diameter of almost 4m.

A mezzanine observation lounge provides panoramic views whether above or below the water’s surface, and the interior can be fully customised with alternative layouts available.

This state-of-the-art submarine is constructed in steel and offers a surface speed of 9 knots or 4 knots when submerged, with a range of 3,200 nautical miles. Equipped with a sonar system and underwater cameras, the Nautilus will bring you face-to-face encounters with marine life and offer complete underwater freedom in total safety.

Designed, engineered, and built by the most competent and experienced company in this field, the Nautilus presents a buyer with an exceptional opportunity and a chance to achieve a number of world firsts. The Nautilus is not just a means of transportation but is a true technological marvel built to take you on adventures around the world and under the waves.

Niel Gow from Moravia Yachting : “It is a pleasure and a privilege for Moravia to be partnered with U-Boat Worx for the sale of the Nautilus which represents the pinnacle of technological development in the yachting and submersible sector, as well as being the most sublime and unique luxury vessel available. This is a genuine opportunity for someone to become the first in the world to own and enjoy a craft that so many have dreamed of.”

The U-Boat Worx Nautilus is an unparalleled innovation in the superyacht and submersible sectors, designed to deliver an exceptional underwater adventure while providing the ultimate in luxury and comfort above the waves. With Moravia Yachting as its exclusive international partner for sales, U-Boat Worx is proud to offer this world-class submarine to clients who seek the thrill of deep-sea exploration and the pleasure of a fully customizable superyacht experience.

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