Job Offer

Job Offer

ROV Pilot Tech (Position Filled)
Saudi Arabia
N/A years experience
Posted: 31-03-2021

Company: ETPM
Skills: ROV Piloting & Technical Skills
Experience: N/A years
Education: ROV Piloting & Technical Skills
Employment type: Full time
Location: Saudi Arabia

Authorized Jobs in the next location(s): KSA (Saudi Arabia)
Company details

Requirements & Summary

• Rank / Discipline: ROV Pilot Techs
• Vessel Type: Pipelay Vessel
• Location: KSA
• Start date: 05/05/21 and 26/05/21
• Trip Duration: 10 weeks (excluding quarantine – see below) and 5 weeks (excluding quarantine)
• Experience: XLS / ROV Competence cert and Saudi Aramco approved
• Job Posted: 26/03/21
• Further details: Preference is to utilise the nationalities below due to quarantine time. All other nationalities will have 20 days quarantine.

1.Malaysian / Filipino / Polish / Russian (2 days visa in Bahrain) + 4 days QT in KSA

2.Ukraine – Can process KSA Visa in Ukraine + 4 days QT in KSA

3.Singaporean / Australian / Netherlands / Canada (2 days KSA visa in Bahrain) + 7 days QT in KSA

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