C-Kore supports Shell with subsea testing in the North Sea


C-Kore Systems recently deployed their Cable Monitor subsea testing units in the North Sea to monitor the installation of a new umbilical in Shell’s Nelson field.

The health of the umbilical was constantly monitored and data-logged during the entire installation process from load-out to lay. This gave constant assurance that the cable remained in good health throughout the campaign and was installed successfully on the seabed without damage.

C-Kore’s Cable Monitor Units are used on fault-finding and installation operations worldwide to test electrical line health, including insulation resistance and continuity measurement. With CKore’s new Subsea TDR units, any faults discovered can also be localized and categorized.

Greg Smith, General Manager for C-Kore Systems commented, “We are pleased to continue to work closely with Shell on many campaigns, including this new installation project. The CKore units have again proved their value, saving Shell money by automating the entire measurement process and eliminating time consuming old-fashioned testing methods.”

For further information on our innovative subsea testing technology, please visit our website, www.c-kore.com.

Location: North Sea

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