• IOSTIA engages to plan and implement its ocean science and technology government relations and lobbying effort

    A serious and substantive public policy program will be a major thrust of IOSTIA, and a key benefit to member companies

    IOSTIA (IO-sha), the International Ocean Science and Technology Industry Association, a new 501(c)(6) industry association representing businesses that provide technology and services for sectors that sustainably and commercially utilize the oceans, today announced that it has engaged the bipartisan government relations and lobbying firm to plan and implement an aggressive public policy program aimed at Capitol Hill and the regulatory agencies in an effort to provide a unified industry voice in Washington, DC.

    The IOSTIA government relations program will work to introduce or support legislation and regulations that benefit the economic growth and commercial development of its members in the energy and ocean industries.

    “We’ll put IOSTIA member companies and C-level representatives face to face with U.S. government officials who have a policy dovetail with their businesses, along with the corresponding congressional committees that consider legislation that impacts the industry. It will be an opportunity to educate and persuade Washington decision makers, and make them aware of how their decisions directly affectIOSTIA members”, remarked Jeff Taylor, managing partner,

    IOSTIA’s goal is to provide programs and services that create new opportunities and encourage a favorable business environment for science and technology companies that sustainably utilize the oceans. With nearly 2/3rds of blue-tech companies located outside of North America, this new industry association will also be international in scope and substance. As such, the IOSTIA government relations plan will be heavy on engaging the foreign Embassies located in Washington to assist international companies entering the U.S. economic and regulatory markets.

    “IOSTIA provides essential business services to our member companies such as a business savings program, a federal contracts and grants resource, a venture capital program - but a major benefit to our members will also be a pro-active, serious and unified public policy voice for the industry on Capitol Hill and inside the regulatory agencies through directly influencing the development and passage of legislation and regulation favorable to the industry. has a significant background in ocean technology and comes to the table with numerous ideas on how to benefit our member companies,” remarked Richard Lawson, CEO of IOSTIA.

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