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World’s First Offshore Hydrogen Storage Concept Developed by Tractebel and Partners

Tractebel and partner companies have developed the world's first offshore infrastructure and processing facilities concept for the storage of hydrogen in offshore caverns. The design study, unveiled by Tractebel Overdick GmbH’s offshore experts, outlines an innovative solution for large-scale hydrogen storage on the high seas: a scalable offshore platform for the compression and storage of up to 1.2 million m³ of hydrogen. Underground salt caverns will be used as storage and buffer for the hydrogen produced offshore, before the gas is transported via the pipeline network to the onshore grid and finally to consumers and customers.

AKOFS Offshore and IKM Subsea Brazil Awarded Long-term Contract in Brazil

AKOFS Offshore (AKOFS) has been awarded a three-year contract with Petrobras to perform a broad scope of subsea services in Brazil. IKM Subsea Brazil will be responsible for the ROV services and Grupo Bravante will be responsible for marine services of the vessel Skandi Santos, a state of art Subsea Equipment Support Vessel (SESV) designed and equipped for subsea equipment installation, intervention and recovery. She will perform services in Buzios Field located within the region of pre-salt Santos Basin situated approximately 200km off the coast of Rio de Janeiro at water depths ranging from 1,600m to 2,100m.

Key Appointments for Oceanology International - London Excel, March 15-17th 2022

Oceanology International (Oi) is just three months away, starting on March 15th at Excel in London. Exhibitors are already keen to take part in this world leading event where industry, academia and government share knowledge and connect with the world’s marine science and ocean technology communities.

DNV Ocean’s Future to 2050: Rapid Growth of Offshore Wind will Trigger an Unprecedented Race for Ocean Space

The exponential growth of offshore wind power will be the main driver of a nine-fold increase in demand for ocean space by the middle of the century, according to DNV’s Ocean’s Future to 2050. The report forecasts that by midcentury, offshore wind will require ocean space which is the equivalent to the landmass of Italy. The growth will be particularly pronounced in regions with long coastlines and presently have low penetration of offshore wind. Demand for ocean space is set to grow 50-fold in the Indian Subcontinent and 30-fold in North America.

A Grand Measuring Journey Across the Atlantic

Across the Atlantic Ocean, a large current carries seawater from Africa into the Sargasso Sea and all the way to the Caribbean. The biogeochemical processes that take place along the way have hardly been researched so far. An international team led by GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel therefore crosses the Atlantic on the expedition SO287-CONNECT with the German research vessel SONNE, taking thousands of measurements – also to clarify how these processes are linked to climate change. In addition, they will also investigate how much plastic waste and shipping traffic pollute the Atlantic.

TSC Subsea Continues Global Expansion with new Brazilian, Australian and GoM Offices

TSC Subsea, a global specialist in remotely deployed subsea NDT inspections for the energy industry, is to open new facilities in Perth, Australia, in the first quarter of 2022 to support ongoing company growth in key regions around the world.

Ashtead Technology Bolsters Rental Fleet with Investment in iXblue Technologies

International subsea equipment rental and solutions specialist Ashtead Technology has further strengthened its rental fleet with a significant investment in iXblue subsea navigation systems. The investment includes the addition of further Rovins and Rovins Nano inertial navigation systems as well as Octans attitude and heading reference systems which are now available to rent throughout the company’s nine international technology and service hubs.

NOC takes Boaty McBoatface to Travel Under Antarctica’s Melting Thwaites Glacier

Engineers from the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) have headed out to the Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica with renowned autonomous underwater vehicle, Boaty McBoatface, to help understand what is causing ice loss from the glacier and better predict how its deterioration could contribute to sea level rise.

Global Oceans and Saildrone have Signed a Strategic MOU

Global Oceans and Saildrone have signed a strategic MOU to develop new opportunities for deploying Saildrone’s fleet of autonomous uncrewed surface vehicles (USVs), including for deep seabed mapping to 7,000 meters, to support research and exploration projects operated from Global Oceans’ MARV ship platforms (Modular Adaptive Research Vessels).

ROVOP Triton XLX ROVs Mobilised Onboard the Surf Allamanda

ROVOP are delighted to share that two of their Triton XLX ROVs have recently mobilised onboard the Surf Allamanda, for their client Mermaid Subsea.

SEA-KIT Strengthens Fleet with New 12m USV

SEA-KIT International, an award-winning pioneer in the Uncrewed Surface Vessel sector, has announced plans to build another of its X-class, 12m USVs as a fleet vessel for launch in 2022.

Greensea Creates a Dedicated User Interface Team

Greensea Systems, creator of OPENSEA®, the universal open architecture software platform for the marine industry, has announced the creation of a dedicated user interface team. This team will be instrumental in making Workspace, its flagship user interface, more streamlined and operator focused.

Nuclear Underwater Laser Scanner Used to Produce CAD Model of PWR Reactor Head Thermal Sleeves

Previously hindered by inaccurate historical as-built information, PWR Reactor Head Thermal Sleeves have experienced failure modes that have prompted utilities to take mitigating actions.

Prysmian Awarded €1.71bn Framework Contract for a 1,500 km Submarine Cable System

Prysmian Group, world leader in the energy and telecom cable systems industry, has been awarded a framework contract worth around €1.71 billion by Terna Rete Italia S.p.A., a company fully owned by Terna S.p.A., the Italian electricity grid operator (TSO). The framework contract includes the Tyrrhenian Link project, envisaging the design, supply, submarine and land installation, and commissioning of a total of over 1,500 km of submarine cables to support the power exchange among Sardinia, Sicily and Campania, thus reinforcing the Mediterranean energy hub.

Reach Subsea Acquires Geophysical Monitoring Solutions Provider OCTIO

Reach Subsea ASA, a provider of subsea services globally, today announced that the Company has entered an agreement with Equinor Ventures AS to acquire OCTIO AS, a provider of monitoring solutions for hydrocarbon producing fields and CO2 storage reservoirs.

The Polish Navy Acquires iXblue DriX USV to Advance its Hydrographic Operations

The Hydrographic Office of the Polish Navy has purchased iXblue DriX Uncrewed Surface Vehicle (USV) through the company’s local partner THESTA. The USV will be advancing the Polish Navy hydrographic capabilities.

First Decommissioning Underway in Africa

Angola sees Africa’s first offshore oil platform decommissioning underway as EQS (Environment Quality Services) successfully deploys their Saab Seaeye Falcon for determining safer upcoming decommissioning operations.

Site Secured for World’s First Multi Megawatt Combined Wind and Wave System

Gran Canaria is on track for more novel green energy in the future. A contract has been signed to progress the deployment of the first full-scale hybrid floating wind and wave platform, at the PLOCAN test facilities off the coast of the Canary Islands.

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